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Machine translation

Get cheaper translations and faster delivery with Diction's fully automated machine translation. For some clients, it may be an advantage to have a machine translation made, which is post-edited by one of our translators. Are you in doubt about whether machine translation is right for you? Contact us and receive a free professional assessment from our project manager.

What is machine translation?

Machine translations are translations that are performed automatically from one language to another. There are several advantages and disadvantages to machine translation, and it varies when machine translation is appropriate. The big advantage is that you can translate large amounts of text very quickly, and in some cases you can achieve significant savings. Another advantage of machine translation is that the terminology is stored and associated with you as a customer. That way, you get more continuity in your translations in the long run. Despite the benefits, there are also many cases where it would not be appropriate to make use of machine translation. At Diction, our project manager is happy to make such an assessment when preparing offers for you - free of charge, of course.

Is machine translation the obvious choice for you?

Whether or not it is the right solution for you to order a machine translation is a professional assessment that we are happy to help make. In general, machine translation is most often useful for simple texts, such as e-mail correspondence for internal use, simple product descriptions for webshops, SEO texts, presentations or more complex texts, if you just need to use it to understand the message in the general content.

When do you need machine translation?

In this section, we have tried to outline when it makes sense to use machine translation rather than human translation.

We recommend machine translation with subsequent human proofreading of the following texts:

  • User reviews
  • Chat messages from customers
  • User forum
  • Mail correspondence
  • Internal communication
  • Manuals to be translated for internal understanding
  • Updates to social media
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Knowledge base with a large amount of text
  • Simple website texts, product descriptions, user guides
  • Blog posts

Pure human translation is recommended here:

  • Translation of legal texts
  • Financial texts
  • Technical texts
  • Ad descriptions for print
  • PR / newsletters
  • The above examples are for guidance only.

The machine translation is proofread by a proofreader

Machine translations from Diction will always be proofread as quality assurance. The reviewer makes a post-edit, where all parts of the translation are reviewed, corrected and implemented. All our proofreaders have at least a master's degree behind them and only correct texts in their own native language.

What is the price of machine translation?

At Diction we want to offer the best possible prices on translation and to keep it as simple as possible, we have made a fixed price for each word that is translated. Typically, our price for machine translation is from EUR 0.08 per word. Prices may vary depending on the language combination, file format and your deadline. If you have text in an editable format (for example Word), then you can multiply the number of words by the price per page. words to make an estimate.

Your own translation memory, discount for repetitions and integration with your system

Using our system's translation memory, we can save and store previous translations for you. This gives you fast and accurate translations where you do not pay twice for the same translations. You will always own your translation memory, and your data will only be stored for as long as you want it in our system. Therefore, you have the flexibility to be able to change translation provider if you so wish. In many cases, it is also possible to create a file that can be integrated with CRM systems, websites, codings or the like, that would otherwise involve manual work with insertion of texts. We always support our customers in their internal translation flow, i.e., the specific way you want to use the translations. For a concrete assessment of whether we can also support your particular system, please contact our project manager and we will explore whether this is possible.

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